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Red Lion Tavern Escape Room

Quick Details

Up to Three Players Ages 10+
Four Players Ages 10+
Five Players Ages 10+
Six Players Ages 10+

Discover the Secrets and Scandals of the Red Lion Tavern

You and your team have found yourselves waking up in the Red Lion Tavern. With little memory of the night before and with the roaring sounds of the tavern guests, you must quickly learn how you have come about your current location. Overhearing a group of well-liquored travelers, you understand the king is on his way to this establishment with haste.

As you look around the room, you quickly learn this is not just an ordinary tavern and that your team has much to do with it indeed. With 60 minutes before the king arrives, you must learn about your whereabouts, unlock the mystery, and make your escape before it’s too late…

Safety is our priority during COVID-19

You and your small team will be the only team in the building. In addition to following the CDC’s guidelines to keep your team safe, all paper is laminated for easier and more efficient cleaning, we have intro videos to decrease face to face with game master, we applied an FDA sanitize and defend system, and removed many fabric and furniture items. Everything you touch is sanitized before you enter our building. Our new pricing is temporary until the threat is over, but we will always continue to keep you safe!