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General Questions

Puzzle lovers, everyone, and anybody looking for an incredible and challenging experience! Escape Tactics caters to anyone looking for a new type of entertainment, taking you back in time to Bavaria as you uncover the mysteries of the past!
Your experience will start at the time of your booking. You are REQUIRED to arrive at the start of your scheduled booking! If you are late you risk not being able to participate. There are no refunds or changes available upon arriving late to your assigned booking time.
You must be at least 14 years of age to play. Any minors under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. However if you have a party with participants ages 10 to 13, you are allowed to book a private room. Red Lion Tavern is ALWAYS 14+. To ensure all players have a SAFE and engaging experience we DO NOT allow ANYONE in the escape room to be under the age of 10. Every individual in the room must be a ticket holder.
We care about your safety! At least one door will always be unlocked in case of an emergency. Note that once you exit the room, you will not be allowed to return as this may interrupt the game play for other participants.
A locker will be available for you and your group to store all cell phones, cameras, and other recording devices. Also, if there is anything else you may want to store you may use the locker provided. Each locker has a separate lock and you will keep the key with you throughout your escape room experience.
No devices with camera or recording capabilities are allowed in any escape room. You ARE welcome to take pics or videos anywhere else except inside the rooms. If we see any device, as described above in any of our escape rooms, we will end your experience and will ask for you to delete or remove said images and content to preserve the mystery of our escape rooms!
We do suggest carpooling as there may be limited parking depending on the time of your event. Otherwise there are various options for street parking around the entire block and alternative parking locations.
Your should plan to spend about 1.5 hours at Escape Tactics. You are REQUIRED to arrive at the start time of your scheduled booking! There will be a 15 minutes briefing once you arrive. You will have 1 hour to attempt to escape the room. After, expect to spend about 5-10 minutes for a debriefing/Q&A.


No cancellations/refunds. Changes to date/time can be made up to 48 hours before your event. Any changes to date/time after the 48 hours will result in a $25 rebooking fee. Thanks for understanding our policy!
Rooms can be booked up to 2 hours before the event. If the room you want is not on the schedule and it is 2 hours before the event, the room is full or has been booked out.

Inside the Room

Don't worry! We are watching with cameras and have a communication system displayed on a TV screen in each room where we provide hints and clues!
Of course not. There is always at least one door unlocked if you need to make a fast escape!
No way! While some escape rooms require you to have random outside knowledge, we do not! All information you need is in the room. You just need to work together with your team and communicate!
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