Visit our off-site and pop-up escape rooms at various venues!

April 7th, May 19th, June 16th & July 21st 2019 – Sundays

Chateau Faire Le Pont Wine Escape Room Experience

Join us at the Chateau Faire Le Pont for an unforgettable wine puzzle experience! Drink wine and escape before you upset the King…

As wine makers for the French King, you were tasked to create the perfect blend for the King’s annual soirée. While you and your team did create the perfect blend, you all drank every last drop by accident from all the excitement. You must work together and revisit your notes to recreate this blend before the King’s annual soirée…otherwise it will be the dungeon for you all….

$35/person : 1 Hour

6 to 10 Players

Ages: 21 +

Moderate Difficulty

Click BOOK NOW to view available times for Sunday, April 7th, May 19th, June 16th & July 21st! (Wine/snacks are not included, but are available for purchase!)

Learn more about Chateau Faire Le Pont here!

April 13th 2019 – Saturday


Join us at the the Town Toyota Center at Wencon April 13th! We will have one of our mobile escape rooms there again this year! Last year you played our Sherlock puzzles…what will you be playing this year?

$10/person : 15 Minutes

2 to 6 Players

Moderate Difficulty

First come first serve. We get booked quickly so arrive at Wencon early to save your spot! (Payment required to save spot. May be paired with other players…which makes it more fun!!!)

Learn more about  WENCON here!

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