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The Abnormal Studie

Das Rooms

Hallo meine freunde! It’s been a wunderbar day as you prepare to sit down in your studie with a good book and an even better drink. Suddenly, you can’t help but notice those strange noises coming from your bookshelf…“Do you think they can find it? They could never stand a chance in solving the mystery of the Castle!” Intrigued, you turn around and find yourself struggling with this dilemma; continue straight and exit your studie for the night, or turn back around and explore the bookshelf with greater detail. You ultimately decide the latter path and begin your slow approach to those ominous voices; who would ever want to choose the less worrisome path?

Your body now only inches away and fingers slightly grazing the spine of each book as if trying to read the contents inside, there is a large crescendo in whispers coming from all over the room. Seeing no other option, you are determined to solve the mystery of this “Castle” that the whispers so frequently repeat like a poorly made record. Do you and your team have what it takes to uncover the mystery of the Abnormal Studie?

# Players

Min: 2 (recommended 3)

Max: 6 (until pandemic is over)



Record Time

37 Mins 53 Secs

Red Lion Tavern

The Red Lion Tavern…..Secrets, Scandals, Lots of Ale…what could ever go wrong?

You and your team have found yourselves waking up in The Red Lion Tavern. With little memory of the night before and with the roaring sounds of the tavern guests, you must quickly learn how you have come about your current location. Overhearing a group of well-liquored travelers, you understand the King is on his way to this establishment with haste. As you look around the room, you quickly learn this is not just an ordinary tavern and that your team has much to do with it indeed. With 60 minutes before the King arrives, learn about your whereabouts, unlock the mystery, and make your escape before you may be no more…

NOTE: THIS ROOM IS DIFFERENT FROM OUR OTHER ESCAPE ROOMS. THERE IS A MORE INVOLVED STORYLINE (It is lots of fun!), A LITTLE MORE READING (It’s not so bad! Just take your time because you have it!), AND ADDITIONAL ATTENTION TO DETAIL (Really pay attention to the noted clues, they will help lead you in the correct direction!). And ALWAYS communicate and work as a team.

Ages 14+ requirement

Red Loin Tavern at Escape Tactics The Escape Room Wenatchee

# Players

Min: 2

Max: 6



Record Time

37 Mins 43 Secs

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