What Is The Escape Room Wenatchee?

You and your friends, co-coworkers, or family will enter a Bavarian-themed room where you all have to work together to find the clues and solve all the puzzles before the hourglass empties… The perfect activity in Wenatchee to experience something different! 

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The Goal

With your team, solve puzzles & find clues to Escape the Room! 

The Limit

60 Minutes…race against the sands of time

The Secret

Communicate and work together as a team!


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The Abnormal Studie

The Abnormal Studie

2 (3 recommended) to 6 Players(max 6 until pandemic has ended)

Red Lion Tavern

Red Lion Tavern

2 to 6 Players

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Pricing & Info


$90/per room (up to 3 players)
$115/per room (up to 4 players)
$135/per room (up to 5 players)
$150/per room (up to 6 players)

In order to help more families and friends have a safe, clean, and mind stimulating escape room experience, we we created this new pricing! When we are able to reopen you and your small team will be the only team in the building. In addition to following CDC’s guidelines to keep your team safe, all paper is laminated for easier and more efficient cleaning. Everything you touch is sanitized before you enter our building. This pricing is temporary until the threat is over, but we will always continue to keep you safe.

Age Requirement: 10 & above (For players under 16 adult supervision is required)

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Rooms Played


Locks Opened


Siege of Fluchttaktik Castle

(escaped all rooms)


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